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'McMurdo' Panorama from Spirit's 'Winter Haven'. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
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Sample Return Mission Architecture

LifeSpringsMars utilises a novel light-and-nimble, low-cost mission architecture in which sample return can be completed via a single launch from Earth. A dual deployment after launch will send the Sample Retriever Satellite into deep space at the Mars-Sun L1 Lagrangian Point. A second component will deploy the surface payload to the surface of Mars, consisting of the sampling rover and/or helicopters, the sample relay CubeSat, and the ascent rocket. Collected samples transferred into the CubeSat will be launched into deep space via a Mars Ascent Rocket for rendezvous with the Sample Retriever Satellite, which will then swing by Mars and return to Earth for sample return to the Australian desert.​

LifeSprings Mars mission architecture
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