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'McMurdo' Panorama from Spirit's 'Winter Haven'. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
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Science Team

Kathleen Campbell
Martin Van Kranendonk
Steve Ruff
Professor Kathleen Campbell
Professor Martin Van Kranendonk
Associate Research Professor Steve Ruff

Director, Te Ao Mārama Centre for Fundamental Inquiry

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Geology and paleoecology of active and fossil hot springs

Australian Centre for Astrobiology
University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

Geology of early Earth, earliest life astrobiology

Mars Space Flight Facility

Arizona State University, USA

Planetary scientist, NASA Spirit Rover science team member

Michael Rowe
Associate Professor Michael Rowe

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, hot spring sinter

Eizo Nakamura
Special Appointment Professor Eizo Nakamura

Director, Pheasant Memorial Laboratory

Institute for Planetary Materials

Okayama University, Japan

Geochemistry of planetary materials, including Ryugu samples from JAXA's Hyabusa II mission

Tomaso Bontognali
Dr Tomaso Bontognali

Space Exploration Institute

University of Basel, Switzerland

European Space Agency

Biomineralisation in microbial communities

Penny King
Trevor Ireland
Katarina Miljkovic
Professor Penny King
Professor Trevor Ireland
Professor Katarina Miljkovic

Australian National University

Mission architecture

University of Queensland

Geochemical and isotopic analysis

Curtin University

NASA Grail and Insight missions team member

Impact cratering, planetary science

Dr Rebecca Allen

Co-Director, Space Technology and Industry Institute

Swinburne University of Technology

Astrophysics, earth observation, and microgravity research

Dr Eriita Jones

Curtin University

Remote sensing imagery

Engineering Team

Naoya Ozaki
Assistant Professor Naoya Ozaki


Team Lead: Mission design

Jun Asakawa
Assistant Professor Jun Asakawa

University of Tokyo


Akihiro Iwasaki
Assistant Professor Akihiro Iwasaki

Osaka University

Mars ascent vehicle

Serkan Saydam
Professor Serkan Saydam

University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Advanced mining technologies, space resources engineering

Taeko Maeda
Assistant Professor Takao Maeda

Chuo University

Sample collection

Andrew Dempster
Professor Andrew Dempster

University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Satellite navigation and communication, remote sensing

Claude Sammut
Professor Claude Sammut

University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia


Andrew Ang
Dr Andrew Ang

Swinburne University

Co-Director Space Technology and Industry Institute

Materials and coatings

Advisory Board

Brett Biddington
Dr Brett Biddington, AM

Biddington Research Pty Ltd

Canberra, Australia

Space and cyber policy research

Mitchell Schulte
Dr Mitchell Schulte

Program Scientist

Mars Exploration Program

NASA Headquarters

Washington DC, USA

Yoshifumi Inatani
Dr Yoshifumi Inatani

Professor of Space Systems and Astronautics

Former Deputy Director General of

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Jean-Luc Josset
Jean-Luc Josset

Director, Space Exploration Institute (SPACE-X)

European Space Agency

Principal Investigator of CLUPI

(Close-Up Imager) and co-PI of PanCam on the ExoMars rover

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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